shooting/moving over Crates. Shooting tanks will help the player gain EXP, decrease enemy health, and/or increase the player's/team's points. However, shooting allies/self will damage the tanks and/or make them lose points. #atleastimnottewity

Each weapon has a variety of effects and patterns, which, while they are not explained in advance, are hinted in the weapon's name. All weapons have a predetermined damage, too, which can be increased by dealing a lot of damage with it, increasing the weapon's level.

While most weapons can only be permanently unlocked by buying Weapon Packs or Deluxe membership, there are some weapons which the player gets for free, and some can be unlocked at certain player levels. Also, Supplies or Crates can give the player weapons which they didn't unlock yet.

Weapons list Edit

There are 239 weapons in ShellShock Live 2 (as of September 2015). Below is the complete list of weapons, categorized by method of unlocking.

Unlocked for freeEdit

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Deluxe WeaponsEdit

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