Tank Coins (A.K.A TC) are an item used to buy items such as maps, weapons (weapon packs), perks and so forth. They are obtained in many ways, as listed below.
  • By visiting the game 3 days in a row.
  • By completing certain tasks.
  • This is the primary way to unlock tank coins, buying them with PayPal.
  • Completing Surveys/Offers.
  • Boxes. 1-2 awarded if found in boxes, although this is not recommended due to very low chance of finding them and very low amount per box.

Tank coins also have uses, as listed below.

  • Unlocking weapons (weapon packs).
  • Unlocking maps.
  • Tipping the developer, although this was removed a while back.
  • Unlocking perks (recently added).
  • Unlocking tank styles.
  • Unlocking deluxe membership.


  • Many agree that the Tank coins system in SSL2 and especially SSL1 is very unbalanced and very few coins are earned over a long period of time. This was fixed in the Steam version and the game is not as Pay-to-win now.