Sweeper Edit

Sweeper Icon

The sweeper is one of the ten weapons included

Sweeps the entire battlefield,damaging enemies as it goes.
Type Contact
Damage 28/30/36/39/42
Shot Effects Splits into two spectral shots that goes on oposites sides,over all the battlefield
Explosion Size Does not affect terrain
How to Obtain? Purchasing weapon pack 6
Preceded by: Horizon
Succeeded by: None

on Weapon Pack 6.It functions similiar to the

Horizon in common terms,but have a much wider

range and doesn't damage the terrain.

Behaviour: Edit

When fired,the Sweeper must hit anywhere to release

it's two shots.They will goes trough the entire battlefield

and damages only the first enemy they hit,if more enemies

are along it's way,it will not damage them.

Usage: Edit

1.) Damage two enemies spaced together at same elevation

2.) Get flying boxes

3.) When no better option is avalaibe to use.

Notes: Edit

  • If the shot lands on the enemy,it will deal no damage as there seems to have a distance in where the projetiles splits up.
  • If a ally is very close to the enemy,it may damage the ally as well.
  • The shots will bypass allies and yourself,unless the aftermentioned situation is occurring.