"Deals huge damage if it hits an enemy directly"
Type Ordinary (Direct)
Damage 40-100/44-110/48-120/52-130/56-140
Shot Effects Fires a very small shot, but deals lots of damage depending on the distance.
Explosion Size Does not affect terrain.
How to Obtain? Automatically gained at level 1
Preceded by:
Succeeded by: Sub-Sniper


The Sniper is a direct, high damaging weapon that is automatically gained when starting the game. This shot can only be directly hit in order to do damage.


Sniper is like a regular shot with nothing special, however the shot is tiny but can deal lots of damage if it hit


The Sniper weapon, much like a real sniper is a high damage, but very concentrated weapon. There is no explosion from the weapon and you must achieve a direct hit with the weapon, but it does a considerable amount of damage compared to similar level weapons. If you intend to use this weapon, it is best to either do it from range, although this requires an element of skill or luck, or use it up close, as you are less likely to miss. This is also very useful if the enemy is in close quarters with a team-mate, as you can damage the enemy without hitting your team-mate at the same time.