ShockShell Edit

Shockshell icon

The shockshell is a continous weapon,which

Type Contact
Damage 52/54/56/58/60
Shot Effects Crosses the battlefield until hitting someone.Does not damage allies.
Explosion Size Does not affect the terrain
How to Obtain? Purchasing weapon pack 6
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: None

means that it will wanders trough the

battlefield until it hits someone,or pass the

map limits.It deals a moderate amount of damage.

The ShockShell cames in the Weapon Pack 6.

Behaviour: Edit

Once shot,it will fire a turtle shell that wanders trough

the entire battlefield until a target has been hit.If an ally

is blocking the path,the shell will hit the ally and disappears

whitout damaging the ally.

Trivia: Edit

  • The ShockShell is a obvious refernce to the green turtle shell item,from Mario Kart Series.

It may also be inspired in other Super Mario games

  • This is one of few items that does not damage the allies,others are Earthquake and Mega-Quake.