"Rains small projectiles on the final location"
Type Bounce
Damage 2/2/2/?/?
Shot Effects Shoots a regular shot similar to Air Strike that afterwards rains small shots.
Explosion Size Small
How to Obtain? Automatically gained at level 1
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Thunderstorm


The Rain is a basic weapon, which deals very small damage, but at a big area.

Behaviour Edit

It bounces a few times like air strike and then many small raindrops fall at the area around and do small damage.

Usage Edit

  • To get flying weapons packs.
  • To help aim, in order to help set up a good position for other more powerful shots.
  • This is useless if you want to damage a well armored opponent. It might come in handy when your opponent is almost dead, due to its large area