Type Other
Damage  ?/?/7/?/?
Shot Effects Shoots an Air Strike-like shot, it then drops down a Piñata with several candy-like shots in a random pattern.
Explosion Size Medium
How to Obtain? Unlock at Level 23
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Fiesta

The Pinata is Air Strike-like shot that drops a Piñata against the enemy.


Pinata is like an Air Strike that drops down a Piñata that explodes to smaller candy-like shots. the other shots come randomly in different patterns.


it is used like any other Air Strike attacks. The shots it bursts out is completely random so it is best to get the perfect shot to deal some damage.


  • This shot commonly refers to the Piñata that are used in parties, although it is not spelled the same way, leaving out the "ñ."

Video Edit

Pinata - Shell Shock Live

Pinata - Shell Shock Live