There are various Perks that players can purchase with tank coins (TankCoin). These perks improve the player's gameplay with boosts of power or the capability of grabbing crates with ease.

List of PerksEdit

There are 5 perks that can be purchased:

Damage-Boosting PerksEdit

  • Reinforced Barrel Tank
  • Lucky Strike Tank
  • Power Packed Tank
  • Gold Plated Tank (does't include Power Packed Perk)
These Perks help the player deal more damage by doing Critical Hits to other players. Once the Reinforced Barrel, there are other perks to improve its performance.

Reinforced BarrelEdit

"With a reinforced steel barrel, your tank has a 5% chance of delivering a Critical Hit (1.5x Damage) on every shot."
Lucky StrikeEdit
"With luck on your side, Critical Hit chance is increased from 5% to 10%."
Power PackedEdit
"Increases Critical Hit damage from 1.5x to 2x."
Gold PlatedEdit
"Replaces steel with gold plating for a luxurious appearance."

Item-Grabbing PerksEdit

  • Grappling Hook Tank
These Perks help the player grab ground items from a distance in the beginning of the player's turn.

Grappling HookEdit

"With a roof-mounted grappling hook, your tank has a 10% chance of retrieving ground-based crates within 200 pixels at the beginning of your turn."