"Bounces once and then explodes"
Type Bounce
Damage 40/44/46/52/56
Shot Effects Bounces once upon hitting ground.
Explosion Size Small
How to Obtain? Automatically gained at level 1
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Three-Bounce


The One-Bounce is is a very simple bouncing weapon, and can be obtained when first starting the game.


When shot, it will bounce one time when it hits the ground, and will then continue on it's path until it hits a tank or the ground again. On the first bounce, it will not change the terrain in any way. Even if it hits a tank on it's first bounce, it will be harmless and carry on it's current path.


  • Although not a powerful weapon, it can be used as a deal decent amounts of damage to a tank stuck in a hole.
  • This weapon can also be used to hit flying weapon packs.