Type Ordinary, Melee
Damage 3 to 8/4 to 9/4 to 10/4 to 10/? (mac) 4/4/5/5/? (cheese)
Shot Behavior Fires several variant projectiles of Macaroni and Cheese.
Explosion Size Tiny/Small
How to Obtain? Weapon Pack 1
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Spaghetti

Mac-And-Cheese is an effective weapon that scatters a blend of Macaroni and Cheese in the direction fired. The Cheese deals small damage with small explosions and is represented by small yellow globules. The Macaroni are small, curved yellow projectiles dealing larger damage with smaller 'tiny' explosions.

This weapon is most comparable to Shotgun. When used effectively, it can cause large amounts of damage even at short range.


The projectiles, twenty of them, are fired all at once in a shotgun-like scatter, and are capable of destroying terrain. Firing this weapon further causes the projectiles to spread over a greater area, if you need to hit several targets.


  • At close range, this weapon functions exactly the same way as Shotgun, only for more damage. This is a good way to get the most out of the weapon, as over long distances, most of the projectiles tend to miss - although as with most weapons, the projectiles deal more damage by landing further away from their firing point. Projectiles that have bounced back are still calculated based on their distance from firing point at the time of landing.
  • This weapon works well with enemies on steep slopes, as it drags them into the line of fire by destroying the terrain underneath.