A item box is a powerup in ShellShock Live 2.

If a player gets an item box, the player will get item in the box. In DM mode, if player gets the box, it will increase the player health, but if item box is got by a player in Points mode, it will give points for the player,

Item boxs also give the players weapons and tank coins, even items that the player didn't unlock it yet.

The item in the box depends on the luck of the player. The more the luck the better the item is in the box.

There are 2 types of item boxes.

Normal item boxEdit


A item box

This item box will simply drop on the ground. You must move over this type of powerup, not shoot at it.

Flying item boxEdit


A flying box

These will appear in the sky, and must be shot at.


  • Players may try to fight over item boxes. To get the item box, you should get close the the item box and make sure your shooting speed is maximum so you can get the item box first.