FireStorm Edit


The Firestorm will debut the very first prestige

Unleash hell from the skies
Type Bounce
Damage 6/6/7/7/8 (Meteors)

6/6/7/7/8 (Fireballs)

Shot Effects Causes a barrage of meteors strike a location and two fireballs afterwards
Explosion Size Medium
How to Obtain? Prestige for the first time (Level 50 required)
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: None

weapon a player will have,and what a nice one.

Capable of destroying a enemy whole whit proper

buffs and aiming,the FireStorm is a fearsome

weapon to be afraid of.

Behaviour: Edit

Once it stops,20 Fireballs fall from the sky and after

a several interval,two blue fireballs will come up.

The blue fireballs peforms similiar to bounsplode,but

deals lower damage.At the end,in most of the cases,the

site that the FireStorm has occurred is now a deep depression.


Usage: Edit

1.) Pack a massive damage to a enemy,or groups of enemies

2.) Can be used to creat a huge depression on the map (although not recommended.)

3.) Wreak havoc

Trivia: Edit

  • Like all Prestige weapons,the FireStorm will not come up in a box
  • This is the first weapon a play acquire after prestiging.
  • If coupled whit a x2,it can change the course of the game in one turn