Fighter Jet Edit

Fighterjet Icon

The fighter jet is one of ten weapons included

Fighter Jet
Auto-target bogeys from your very own jet.
Type Mid-Air
Damage 12/14/16/18/20 (Missiles)

50/55/60/65/70 (Jet)

Shot Effects While hoving at 0°,fire four missiles that leads themselves to the enemies.
Explosion Size Does not affect terrain (Missiles)

Large (Jet)

How to Obtain? Purchasing Weapon Pack 6
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: None

on Weapon Pack 6.It launches a small jet that

shoots four homming missiles that seeks on

enemies,but the most damage comes from the

Jet itself.

Behaviour: Edit

When fire from above 0°,it will starts it's flight

and shoots four homming missiles on the enemies,

the missiles does not deform the terrain,but the jet

does.Once all missiles are shot.The jet will continue

it's way until it leaves the screen or hits a obstacle.

Note: If you fire this weapon downwards,it will NOT

fire the missiles and just go down until hitting the

ground,therefore dealing less damage.

Usage: Edit

1.) Attack enemies that are on elevated regions

2.) Attack multiples enemies whit the missiles,if not sure about the aim

3.) Whit proper aiming,you can make all missiles hits plus the jet at the end,causing a massive damage

4.) Get flying boxes and attack the enemy at the same time (Not recommended,as there are other options to do this use.)(Attractoids)

Trivia: Edit

  • Altrough very similiar to Chopper,the Fighter jet is considered a fast,high damaging alternative.
  • -Also notes that the Fighter Jet will not go downwards when firing unlike the Chopper.
  • The missiles can damage allies if they are close to the targeted enemy,so,be careful.
  • The fighter jet starts its vertical motions after it has peaked at the top distance, so for maximum damage, don't shoot it as high as you can
  • Recommendation- Have the maximum height of your shot be at the level at which you enemy is located, so the fighter jet explodes into him along with shooting the 4 missiles.