"Breaks into two after landing"
Type Contact
Damage 20/22/24/26/?
Shot Effects Fires a shot, which then splits into two after touching the ground.
Explosion Size Small
How to Obtain? Automatically gained at level 1
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Double-Breaker


The Breaker is a low-level weapon which divides into two clusters when it hits land, each cluster dealing 20 damage at lowest level.


The secondary projectiles of the Breaker mirror each other and travel in a small arc in either direction.


  • Breaker can be aimed near to the reflective barriers at the edges of the battlefield, enabling both projectiles to hit the same target. This is by the far the easiest way to get the best damage from this weapon.
  • When used near to sleep slopes, occasionally the cluster nearest the slope will make contact and immediately explode.
  • This weapon is good for hitting enemy teammates next to one another.