2012 is a deadly weapon unlocked when you reach level 34. and is arguably one of the best weapons that you can unlock by leveling up.

It is a combination of Asteroid Storm, Lightning, and Flame. When used it shoots a flare shaped like the planet earth, after it lands a bolt of lightning strikes the ground and deals 32 damage, some flames then shoot out of the impact zone of the lightning and burn the enemy for a little extra damage. Then 3 asteroids rain down from the sky and hit the terrain, each one doing the same amount of damage as the lightning bolt.


Looks badass.

Is an effective combination of 3 weapons.

Can do very high amounts of damage, up to even 230 (assuming the weapon is high level and all asteroids hit)

Lightning bolt has very wide area of effect, can hit up to about 30-40 pixels away.


The asteroid's directions are random, they might either miss the enemy completely or get all 3 hits off.